Premium 20 years !

This year Premium celebrates 20 years of being around ! During a meeting of collegues in june specially designed petit-fours were tested during a BBQ outside the new office. WeCanteen had arranged a tasty Green-egg BBQ diner. The weather was super and the cooled drinks were very well appreciated. A good start for 20 years […]

Premium has migrated to a new address.

Last week it happened.. After a thorough preparation we moved to our new premises. De Gondel 1, 1186 MJ  Amstelveen, the Netherlands Before we went over we executed some cleaning-iterations. E.g. our old IT equipment has been rationalised and the administrations from before 2011 have been destroyed. After the last cleaning iteration was ready the […]

Premium host TSOC event “Sense and Non-sense in Internet of Things (IoT)”

2018th longest day Premium had the honour to host the Telecom Society(TSOC) event “Sense and Non-sense in Internet of Things (IoT)”. The location Premium arranged was the Annakerk in Amstelveen. A number of visitors was uncertain on the correctness of the location until they saw the banner of the TSOC at the entrance. Once inside […]

Premium silver partner IoT Academy

The IoT Academy and Premium decided to become partners and confirmed this by signing the contract November 29 2016. During the afternoon’s partner meeting the new partners of the IoT Academy were announced. The full list of partners can be found on: In 2017 Premium will produce 4 whitepapers regarding IoT in collaboration with […]

Block Chain Technology

The Premium information evening of the 12th of May 2016 was focused on explaining Block Chain technology to Premium colleagues. Robert Jan Vrolijk was invited to be the speaker. Blockchain technology has become famous as the backing technology of  the Bitcoin. There are far more uses in society than just virtual money. The essence is formed […]