Compliance with laws and legislations

Your company is in the middle of the society. A society with often complex legislation and regulations that sets requirements for how to run your business. The ever increasing regulatory pressure and the ongoing changes to legislation and regulations make it increasingly difficult to continue to comply with these regulations. Besides the associated work effort it also leads to additional costs.

In the years to come the agenda includes IFRS15, refinements on Privacy Legislation and the Data Breach Notification Obligation. Premium Consultants are aware of these developments.

Our experience enables you to implement efficient and effective solutions. We do this together with you. Driven by our drive for simplification staying compliant (and the check on it) will become easier for you.

In recent years Premium has helped her customers succesfully introduce regulations with respect to SEPA, the Data Retention Act and SoX. Legislation and rules that had a profound effect on IT and processes. Premium understands your interest to make the necessary changes to your processes and IT with as minimal an impact and as low a risk as possible.

Premium can help you to become and stay compliant in a pragmatic way.

Supporting the introduction of new products and services

Between the first broadcasts of black and white television and those of colour television it took 18 years. A period of time that is in contrast with today, our current period of lots of rapid technological innovations. From a competition viewpoint the available Time to Market becomes shorter and shorter.

Premium supports companies in implementing IT-innovation needed for realising new products and services. We take into account the whole chain, like sales/ordering, delivery, invoicing, collections, and customer service. Our pragmatic approach is targeted on a good balance between quality and time to market.

Colleagues of Premium oversee the whole chain and have without exception more than 10 years experience with the introduction of new services in highly competitive environments. This both from a traditional as well as in Agile Scrum based development environments.

Premium has no financial interest in a specific solution or supplier. That’s why we always can supply you with independent advice. On top of that we always focus on the fitting solution for your company’s business targets.

Simplifying and optimising processes and IT

Premium’s external, fresh and knowledgeable view helps at identifying improvements and simplifications. In close collaboration with you, our customer, we found realistic opportunities. Besides subject matter expertise of our Premium colleagues especially the way of working together with our customer is very much appreciated.

Premium has a track record of simplifying complex processes and IT. We help you at implementing the possibilities we find together with you, where we keep a sharp eye on the benefits we like to monetise. Also here the close collaboration with the customer turns out to be our key to success.

When IT is simplified migrations of big quantities of data (like customer data, product data, tariffs, contracts) can be required. Premium has both the expert knowledge as well as the tooling to implement said migrations in a controlled and transparent way.

This expertise and tooling can also be used to audit process chains qualitatively. Using our Revenue assurance measurements we already identified millions of Euro’s of non-invoiced revenues.