Aris Prins

I am an ambitious data professional who likes to improve continuously. Both mentally as well as physically. My expertise is in realizing and facilitating data migrations, improving data quality, implementing data management processes and solving data science questions. My expertise not only comes from my completed studies in computing science and data science at the VU in Amsterdam but also from an extensive experience with famous brand customers in the telecom and banking industry.

Next to the eagerness to improve myself mentally I try to bring myself to a higher physical level also. I am very sports oriented and active in several. I run marathons, do triathlons, and am addicted to kite-surfing and skiing. All these activities I film and after some editing I put these films as teasers on You-tube.

For our customers I like to perform roles that are close to the subject matter. I strive for solutions based on common sense. My preference is to have a complete, structural solution, developed on the basis of good communication with all stakeholders. My favorite approach is “Think First, Then Act.”. As a team player I think it is important to have my ideas reflected and to have a good co-operation in the team. I am result oriented, driven, creative and have a positive attitude.

  • Team Player

    As a team player I think it is important to reflect ideas and have a good co-operation in the team.

  • Results Oriented

    In everything I do I constantly focus on the targeted results.

  • Fitting Solutions

    My preference is a complete structural solution.