Coen Dörge

I enjoy roles where change management, process improvement, data quality and compliance converge and enhance each other.

I obtain results by engaging and mobilizing people, stakeholders and teams.

I prefer to draft an ambitious plan together with my team. The plan acts as a guide to engage and help clients find, devise, and realize improvement potential. Doing this at pace, ensures solutions can be iteratively tuned to reach the desired progress and results.

I want to ensure that improvements last after I sign off. I therefore embed new ways of working in operational processes in close cooperation with stakeholders. I ensure responsibilities and ownership are clearly appointed and taken. A positive pragmatic approach invigorates me and the people around me. It tends to make everyone eager to improve. I have had the privilege to work in various industries: each assignment with its set of specific dynamic challenges and solutions.
I look back to our conjoint accomplishments with great joy and pride. I feel privileged to have worked with many of the people I have teamed up with while on this journey.

Harmen Witkamp

As an IT business analyst I write down user wishes in a clear and concise way and perform the translation into IT solutions. I do this, at the time of writing, already 4 years at Tata Steel in Velsen-Noord. For this a good understanding of company processes and knowledge of the current IT environment is crucial.

In this complex and fast changing world of manufacturing steel, outsourcing, and old IT systems I am responsible for all changes to the order calculation system and take care that the development team realizes fitting results in an efficient way.

I have extensive experience with company processes, product innovation, quality management and complex IT changes. I keep control and overview in the turmoil and enjoy coaching and motivating colleagues.

Ramon Badloe

After my education in Healthcare Medical Information Science I started at a medium sized subcontracting office. Projects included the medical area (Electronic Patients Data) and Telecommunications.

Hereafter a period of twelve years followed as Billing Supervisor, Manager Billing Operations and Manager Application Management. There I was known for my hunger in tracking imperfections in the Billing and Collection process chain. Working for Application Management I implemented Incident and Problem Management.

Since then I have the honour to work for Premium Business Consultants BV. At Premium you are not a number, at regular contact moments you are being involved in exchanging ideas, training and brainstorming. As an employee you are given the chance to develop yourself.

Recent work includes a number of audits in a number of different billing lanes. The result: Different invoice formats migrate towards one uniform format. Information analysis and audits lead to a highly valued quality result: Sending out invoices fully, correctly and timely in a uniform format.
I am capable to continuously apply improvements (Quality Assurance & Revenue Assurance) e.g in a billing lane, for that I use setting up KPI reports fast. The target: guaranteeing completeness, correctness and timeliness for sending out the invoices.

It is already three and a half years that I work as a Business/IT Consultant for innovations on a Fraud Management Application focussing on:  the Data Retention Act, High Usage detection and Fraud Management. My activities include the production of impact analyses, guiding the Design, Build, Test and implementation of the Business Request into Production.
About a year ago we stepped over from waterfall to Scrum/Agile working, where I worked in several (temporary) roles: scrum master, product owner and business consultant.
Also there my power shows in the interaction with the business (stakeholders), converting into the “What” (Scrum Team) and the impact to finally deliver an application with the largest business value.

I like to perform roles that connect business and IT. My approach focuses on creating value by translating the wishes of stakeholders into pragmatic, but robust IT-solutions that fit in the existing (or required) structures.

Ali Görgün

Since after my computing science education I perform projects in the area of Customer Care and Billing. These projects have been in different industries, mostly in Mobile Telephony (Postpaid, Prepaid and Wholesale), Fixed Telephony (Consumers and Business Market) and Supermarket Wholesale.

Within the area I worked on improvements for the customer care workflow, tariffing, invoicing and invoice after care. Additionally I have had an advisory role in the implementation of new software suites and products.

In recent years I have been working in the preparation and structuring of Data Migrations, where I developed a method for controlled, iterative improvement steps to increase the success-rate of migrations.

I like to perform roles that are close to the IT subject matter. My approach focuses on the creation of value by translating stakeholder wishes into pragmatic, but robust IT solutions that fit in the existing or desired structures.

Marco Heij

As a Product Owner, IT Business Consultant and Project Manager, I do have an extensive experience in both Telecom and Banking. These roles do really fit me because I perform best, there where business and IT meet.

After I implemented Data Retention legislation in KPN (‘Bewaarplicht’), I have continuously developed myself in the field of Regulations and Data Management.

As a typical strength, I can identify with the wishes and interests of end users, the organization or the business. In addition, I always want to know just a little bit more about “the content” and aim to create and implement solutions with the experience and knowledge of specialists from within the organization. In this way I realize best-fit solutions for difficult issues in an pragmatic and efficient way.

Herbert Schermerhorn

I studied Economy with as specialism Computing Science. I have more than 20 years of experience in IT working in the Telecoms and Internet sector.

I have a lot of experience working in projects. This experience is both in small projects as big and complex projects. I have performed roles in practically every aspect of IT development. E.g. defining requirements and specifications, organising and implementing supplier selections and fulfilling  “demand management” towards IT organisations for development and implementation.

I have in-depth experience (both national as international) with billing environments, from usage processing to invoice layout and production.

In my previous job as Project Portfolio Manager at XS4ALL, I was responsible for translating business priorities into an IT project development calendar and for the management of that development calendar.

I am a Business Consultant that can be asked for both ICT subject matter roles as well as ICT management roles with respect to development. My drive and passion is to develop innovative IT results that are important for the client. I like to take the role of catalyst and brainstorm partner  for both business as ICT.  In that role I think from both sides how to get optimal results. I follow up by realising the mutually agreed target working according to the mutually agreed method.


Alfons Geurts

I have international experience in IT and telecommunications as project leader, line manager, interim manager, architect and consultant.

My strength is to look at the total picture and to visualise, communicate and implement the working solution (organisation, processes TI and IT systems). Having living and working experience in different countries in Europe I think up extra scenario’s for potential solutions.

I have worked at KPN (NL), Unisource (CH), Energis (CH), Auna (E), and as consultant I worked for MIS Spain (E).

Recent focus for our Premium clients was on IFRS15 and SEPA Compliance and the implementation of processes and IT concerning the clients’ customers that have a hard time paying on time.

I am experienced in Business Intelligence, business IT- and process adaptations for KPN(NL) and Telfort, and Wholesale IT solutions for multiplay(NL).

Aris Prins

I am an ambitious data professional who likes to improve continuously. Both mentally as well as physically. My expertise is in realizing and facilitating data migrations, improving data quality, implementing data management processes and solving data science questions. My expertise not only comes from my completed studies in computing science and data science at the VU in Amsterdam but also from an extensive experience with famous brand customers in the telecom and banking industry.

Next to the eagerness to improve myself mentally I try to bring myself to a higher physical level also. I am very sports oriented and active in several. I run marathons, do triathlons, and am addicted to kite-surfing and skiing. All these activities I film and after some editing I put these films as teasers on You-tube.

For our customers I like to perform roles that are close to the subject matter. I strive for solutions based on common sense. My preference is to have a complete, structural solution, developed on the basis of good communication with all stakeholders. My favorite approach is “Think First, Then Act.”. As a team player I think it is important to have my ideas reflected and to have a good co-operation in the team. I am result oriented, driven, creative and have a positive attitude.

Freek de Zeeuw

I am the partner responsible for the daily management of Premium Business Consultants and the Premium Group. I run all company aspects, including HRM, Finance and Business Development.

Every day I enjoy to facilitate smart and fitting solutions for our customers with our team of colleagues.


René Fikke

I am an experienced IT professional who is analytical and pragmatic, wants to create and maintain a solid foundation, has an eye for the interests of the customer, and wants to leave an appropriate and lasting result.

I am able to quickly understand the IT landscape, and can build a bridge between various IT stakeholders (developers, infrastructure engineers, risk parties, business partners). I oversee the larger picture, can analyze the preconditions from my knowledge and experience and can then transform application management from static (reactive) to dynamic (proactive).

I have worked as project manager and OPS engineer in both “classic” waterfall / ITIL environments and in Agile / Scrum environments in multidisciplinary teams. I have worked in internet banking and webshop environments.